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Unlocking the potential of youth in unincorporated Willowbrook is at the core of The SPARK Youth Development Initiative. With a comprehensive approach, we go beyond academics and foster growth in every aspect. From personalized mentoring to captivating field trips and career exploration, we ignite sparks within young minds. Our licensed clinical counselors provide essential mental health services, our mentors guide young minds through homework help and social and emotional wellness activities, while our pool days and off-site adventures add fun-filled memories.  Services are provided at affordable rates that help us enrich the lives of each student and family.  

Ways to Get Involved 

  • Volunteer
    Love to read to children or help kids with homework? We’re always looking for volunteers.
    Contact Allison Rodgers at arodgers@thecommunityhouse.org
  • Share Your Talent
    Speakers Welcome! Beauty Services, Sports Clinics, College Planning, Career Ideas/Planning,
    Job Coaching, Arts/Crafts, & other talents encouraged.
  • Specific/Short Term Resource Needs
    Is your schedule flexible? Can you fill in occasionally?
    We regularly need someone for a specific need or project.
    Put your name on our list of resources.
  • Supply Drives
    Drop off items including school supplies, backpacks,
    healthy snacks & drinks, office supplies, sports equipment, arts/crafts supplies.
  • Donate
    Learn what your financial support can do by clicking HERE.
    Click here to make a donation to support Spark Programs.

Spark Partners Program

The Community House’s Spark Youth Development Partners Program provides counseling and therapy services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Services are provided at no cost to the residents of Hinsdale Lake Terrace, Hinsdale Point, Waterfall Glen, and Echo Lane. Partnerships are the key to strong and healthy communities. The Partners Program uses relationships with other service providers to help clients find the services to meet their needs and offers them through counseling, groups and workshops.

To learn more about the Partners Program, click here.

Learn About The Willowbrook Corner Coalition >

Learn About the Willowbrook Corner Bank Coalition >

Why are these services critical?

The neighborhood of Willowbrook Corner came into being as part of public housing relocation programs in the 1970s and 80s.  Located in unincorporated DuPage County, the neighborhood is not served by a municipality, and many families residing in the neighborhood live below the federal poverty level. The residents of Willowbrook Corner are not served by a municipality or a park district.  As a result, the children living in the Willowbrook Corner neighborhoods do not have the same opportunities as their fellow classmates.

To learn more about these critical services and what your support means to the Willowbrook Corner families, click here.

Where is Willowbrook Corner?

Located 6 miles south of Hinsdale this neighborhood is an area of unincorporated DuPage County that is geographically, politically and socially isolated.

Bounded by I-55, Rt. 83 and the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, the neighborhood is primarily composed of apartment and condominium complexes including Echo Lane Apartments, Hinsdale Lake Terrace Apartments, Hinsdale Point Condominiums and Waterfall Glenn Apartments, with single family homes in adjacent unincorporated subdivisions.  

View a map and get directions to Willowbrook Corner

Thank You!

A special thank you to all of the agencies and funders that make the programs at Willowbrook Corner possible.

Generous support is provided by our bank coalition partners:


Support for the Partners Program generously provided by

community memorial

Additional support for Spark provided by:

Alfred Bersted Foundation, Diermeier Family Foundation, DuPage County Community Development CommissionHinsdale Magazine 60521, Mavco Insurance Agency, McCormick Foundation,Topfer Family Foundation, U.S. Trust, Standard Market, Bank of America, United Way

For more information on ways to support the learning programs, call or 630-323-7500 Ext 0.