How You Can Help

Why We Need Your Support

Each year, nearly 3,000 people walk through our doors to receive high quality services and programs. Our services are not always covered by the fees that we charge and we receive no tax support. Your support is vital to the future of The Community House.

Make a Gift!

Whether it is a piggy bank of coins, a major gift to underwrite a program, or appreciated securities, we are delighted by your generous donations.
Ways to Give

Volunteer Now!

In every aspect of our mission to serve the community, we utilize the time, talents and commitment of volunteers – people just like you – who enjoy giving of themselves for the benefit of their friends and neighbors. If you would like to volunteer at The Community House, our outreach programs or at local organizations, learn how you can help now.
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Become a Community Partner

Is your business or company interested in expanding their philanthropic support in the community? Learn more about the numerous ways for local companies and corporations to show our community that they care.
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