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The Community House Junior Board is a student-run group which coordinates and runs events like the annual Walk the Walk and participates in volunteer opportunities such as the Rotary Run, 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, Willowbrook Corner Youth Learning Program, and other projects throughout the year.  There are a wide range of responsibilities on the Junior Board, including leading groups of volunteers at the events we host.

If you would like to join the Junior Board, please click here to complete the application for membership and send to Alana Wett at awett@thecommunityhouse.org.

Annually, there are 50 members serving on the board with members coming from several surrounding communities. The 2023-2024 Junior Executive Board officers are: 

Co-Presidents – Maya Menon and Nick Giordano

Co-Vice Presidents – Dean Frizzel and Srisha Mundada

Communications Coordinator – Kavya Ravi

Volunteer Coordinators – Christy Boggs and Moira Hughes

Secretary/Treasurer – Annie Mayer

Please click here to view the 2023-2024 Junior Board Meeting Schedule. 

Click here to complete the application. 

The Junior Board welcomes all high school students from any school!

Read the top three reasons to join the Junior Board. 

Contact Alana Wett at The Community House: 630-323-7500, ext. 227 with questions.