Willowbrook Corner Champions for Children

Why are these services so critical?

Residents of the neighborhood are lower income than the surrounding areas, and include a higher proportion of African-American and Hispanic families than the county average.  There are few stores and resources within walking distance of Willowbrook Corner, and transportation to the neighborhood is limited.   Local and national research points to the need for additional support to communities in need, which often experience challenges including children’s gaps in academic achievement.

Our goals are to help young students improve their educational performance, practice positive decision-making skills-in a supportive environment, provide opportunities for community involvement, and provide year-round learning opportunities to address the national trend of widened academic achievement gaps during the summer.  We accomplish these goals by providing diverse activities to participating students and their families, responsive to the needs of the community we serve. Meet Johnathan, a young boy who went from homeless to hopeful with our help.

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Your donation helps:
$5,000: Sponsors 5 children to join the After School Learning Program
$2,500:  Transports 80 children to 4 educational trips
$1,000: Teaches 80 children Health & Wellness curriculum
$500: Supports 1 child in the Summer Learning Program
$250: Provides healthy snacks for 25 children
$100: Provides 10 children with calculators
$50: Buys 1 child school supplies for the year

To learn more about Willowbrook Corner Programs, please contact Beth Metelak at bmetelak@thecommunityhouse.org