Theater is Back in Kettering Hall!


Stage Door Fine Arts is Back in Kettering Hall with two new LIVE performances of EMMA – A Pop Musical and HONK! The Ugly Duckling Musical!

The long awaited return of LIVE theater is finally here and there is no better time to support community theater and there is no better place than The Community House! 

Start your summer out right with a POP Musical and a HONK! Our resident theater company, Stage Door Fine Arts is revving up to perform two shows in the month of June and we can’t wait to see you back in Kettering Hall!

Fill the seats and give these incredible  young actors, dancers and singers your support and applause as they get back on stage!

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Spring Break Camps 2021

Spring Break is coming up next week!
Your student is likely ready to take a break from school and have some fun! The Community House is THE PERFECT PLACE for your child to enjoy their break in a screen free, enriching, engaging and SAFE environment!
Click the links below to learn more about our Spring Break Camps!

#OurCommunity Spotlight – Tiny Toes Music

March 16, 2021 

 Oh John the Rabbit had a mighty habit  

Jumpin‘ in my garden 

Cuttin‘ down my cabbage  

My fresh tomatoes  

My sweet potatoes  

And if I live to see next fall 

ain’t gonna have no garden at all! 


The musician in the picture to the right is Roberta Wentling, playing her guitar and singing a traditional folk song called “John the Rabbit” while hopping along with aenthusiastic participant 

This is Tiny Toes Music! A high energy, fun, music experience founded by Wentling with one purpose –  to change communities for the better by teaching families to play together through music. 

Founded in 2009, Wentling was inspired by an experience at a music class that truly demonstrated the importance of playing with her own two children. Her and her husband and even their parents were introduced to music they could listen to together with their two young children, tapping and moving their tiny toes to the beat, singing, dancing, and having a blast! 

“Tiny Toes Music is a song writing a chapter in your family’s story! We make joyful music that strengthens the family bond for years to come. Every class gives families the opportunity to engage in the arts and open up creatively, emotionally and spiritually.” 

Tiny Toes Music has been part of The Community House family of partners since 2016Classes were initially offered 5 days a week 5 years ago, but increased significantly based on popularity to 9 classes on 4 days a week with 4 different instructors 

You have likely heard Roberta or one of her very talented team members leading a Tiny Toes Music class in Kettering Hall lately, giving classes room to stay socially distant and safe.  

“The Community House is an incredibly special place, says Wentling. Every time I come into the building, I am greeted by a warm and welcoming staff and am continually amazed at the diversity and outreach of activities and offerings. By supporting mental health, outreach at Willowbrook Corner, early childhood education, active adults, sports, and the arts, The Community House truly has something for everyone.”  

Jimmy McDermott, Director of LyArts Programming echoes similar sentiments about the incredible impact Tiny Toes Music has on our community  

“There’s nothing like being in a meeting or class and hearing the Tiny Toes Music class happening. No matter where you are or what you’re doing in the building it brings a smile to your face to hear kids and their families singing and laughing together. We’re so proud of the partnership we have with Tiny Toes Music and how they have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure they can continue providing joy and togetherness to our community of families during a time when joy and togetherness is a critical need.”  

Tiny Toes Music spring “Music Together” classes begin April 5 in an outdoor and in person setting at The Community House. Click here to register!  

Learn more about Tiny Toes Music at 

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The Village Tutors – February 2021 

Kathy McAndrews – January 2021

The Community House Weekly

The Community House Weekly is a newsletter published each Monday which features news, events, programs and classes at The Community House! 

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April 26 – This is Why We Walk the Walk

Thank you for supporting the Walk the Walk for Mental Health

Thank you for supporting our 2021 Walk the Walk for Mental Health! 

We are so grateful for the community of people who came out to #WalkAMile4MentalHealth and be a part of the conversation about the importance of mental health in our community! 

100% of your donations and sponsorship contributions will work to provide individuals and families in DuPage County who lack equitable access to mental health services with care on a sliding scale and allow us to provide services to youth and their families regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

A very special thank you to our 2021 Walk the Walk Committee:  Sarah Charles, Jen Lawrence and Jack Brennan who helped make this year successful.

No Place Like Home

There really is no place like HOME. To many people in our community, The Community House is their second home, where they come to play, engage, learn, explore, create, and connect. Some for a few hours, some for generations.

As we all adjust to COVID, the doors of The Community House remain open as a sign of hope, comfort, and healing. More than 40% of our operating revenue each year comes from the generosity of individuals who are willing to invest in a strong and connected community that everyone can enjoy.

Please help us continue opening hearts, inspiring minds, and igniting imaginations by making a generous gift today. 


Update: Phase 4 COVID 19 – Tier 1 Mitigations

Our doors are open and in-person programs are back!
Click the link below to view our 2021 Winter/Spring Program Guide and find what inspires you to come out and play this season.
Maybe you’re ready to dance with Lively Arts (our *new* resident dance academy) or get into a Pickle on the courts! Or perhaps you need to find your zen in Yoga or Pilates, while strengthening your body.  We have all this and more open for registration in a new and user-friendly format. 
As a reminder, anytime you visit The Community House, please be sure to adhere to COVID-19 safe practices, including:
  • Always wearing a face covering while you are in the building
  • Maintaining 6 feet of distance between yourself and others
  • Washing hands properly and frequently
  • Refraining from visiting or engaging in classes or programs if you are sick; have been in close contact with a person with COVID-19 or has tested positive for COVID-19; are awaiting results of a COVID-19 test.
(January 26, 2021)




#OurCommunity Spotlight – Cathy McAndrews Fitness

Cathy McAndrews has been a Certified Fitness Instructor for 45 years and prides herself on her ability to make fitness fun, while maintaining the safety and efficacy of exercise.

“There have been many changes to fitness since I became certified in 1985, but one thing remains the same, my passion for helping others attain their fitness goals in a healthy way! My motto has always been, ‘work out happier, not harder’, because exercise should be joyful and fun – that’s when it’s most effective.”

Cathy has been a friend and partner of The Community House for many years, inspiring and helping our Active Adults to keep their bodies in motion in a number of different ways. You have likely heard her enthusiastic voice echoing in our field house over upbeat music, encouraging her Prime Time class to keep moving, keep their energy up and keep up the good work! Or maybe you’ve seen her and her Pilates/Barre class “booming” in our fitness room!

Cathy will be taking over the popular Sit and Get Fit class beginning in January 2021. This class promotes enhanced overall physical fitness for older adults by using low impact exercises while staying seated.

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, like so many of us, Cathy longed to get back to a “new normal” and that’s just what she is doing now at TCH.

“I was so happy to return to my classes and be with my friends. There was an overwhelming feeling of normalcy and relief. What we have together is more than just an exercise class. It’s a community of caring hearts. We talk, we listen and we reach out for support. That’s the magic of community-based exercise programming.”

Two of Cathy’s classes are now enrolling, including Pilates/Barre Mash Up and Prime Time A+. Sit and Get Fit will be back in action beginning in January! Each class is set-up according to Illinois state fitness class guidelines, at a safe and social distance, in properly ventilated spaces.

The Community House Active Adults services aim to provide all ages of adults, from 18 and up with high quality programs and classes.

Click the links below to read more on each of Cathy’s classes and register today.

Pilates Matte Mash Up – Barre Above

Prime Time A+

Sit & Get Fit will begin in January and will be available for registration during the Winter 2020 Season.

Sign up to be a Keyholder and get 15% off each of Cathy’s fitness classes!



2020 Walk the Walk FAQ

The 13th Annual Walk the Walk will start a conversation with community members, advocates, families, friends, and local businesses to build community, awareness, and raise vital funds for mental health services.

We are so grateful to all of our friends who have registered to Walk the Walk and #StartTheConversation about mental wellness in our community. To help you navigate the virtual Walk experience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below.


HOW DO I WALK THE WALK THIS YEAR?  ANSWER: Our 13th Annual Walk the Walk has gone virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to ensure the safety of our participants and teams, we cannot congregate at The Community House as we normally would and have for the last 12 years. This year you can Walk the 5K  on your own terms, at a safe and social distance with your teams!

WHERE CAN WE WALK? ANSWER: You can Walk the Walk anywhere you want to OR you can Walk the Walk to downtown Hinsdale, Illinois on October 24 or 25 to support local businesses and stop by The Community House table to grab a balloon and learn more about The Counseling Center at The Community House.

If you’re Walking the Walk on your own terms, don’t forget to snap a picture and tag The Community House on social media! Facebook: @thecommunityhousehinsdale Twitter: tchhinsdale Instagram: thecommunityhouse

WHAT ARE WE SUPPORTING BY WALKING? ANSWER: Your generous contribution and participation in the Walk will help to provide life changing counseling services to community members on a sliding scale. It also helps us #StartTheConversation around the importance of mental wellness in our community, especially now, as we all experience a global pandemic that has created an enormous need for mental health care. In September alone, The Counseling Center at The Community House provided:118 sessions of life changing therapy; Services to 55 unique clients, 76%, were 22 years old or younger; 73%, were not covered by insurance and require the use of grant funding or private donations to cover costs. Your support has an impact!

You can pick up your mask at The Community House (415 W. Eighth Street, Hinsdale) front desk on the following dates:


Wed.- Fri. October 21-23

Sat.-Sun. October 24-25

*Don’t forget to wear a mask when you enter The Community House! So…wear a mask to pick up your mask!

CAN I PICK UP THE MASKS FOR MY TEAM? ANSWER: Yes. Please bring the names of your team members, so we can check them off the list.


Thank you so much for Walking the Walk this year! Your support makes a difference and we are grateful for contribution! We can’t wait to see your pictures and videos on social media!