LyArts Gallery Faculty Art Exhibit

The stunning artwork of our community’s very own educators is currently on display in the LyArts Gallery. Educators and staff from Hinsdale Central High School, Hinsdale South High School, Clarendon Hills Middle School, Vine Academy, and LyARTS are featured, including:

Hinsdale Central High School 

  • Hannah Kabat
  • Evan Haase
  • Aleksandra Zdun

Hinsdale South High School 

  • Alison Sunseri

Clarendon Hills Middle School

  • Michael Bale

Vine Academy 

  • Jacki Lane


  • Stephanie FLW
  • Molly Haworth
  • Pam Kalafut
  • Phyllis Kozlowski
  • David Marcet
  • Jimmy McDermott
  • Gabrielle Tufano