Willowbrook Corner Youth Learning Program


Willowbrook Corner Youth Learning Program offers several programs to support kids and families.

The Community House offers education and support programs for residents of the Willowbrook Corner neighborhood. We strive to provide a space where children can learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment, and we also offer programs and support for parents.  Offerings include an After School Program, a Summer Learning Program, and special events sponsored by the Willowbrook Corner Coalition; an umbrella group of community agencies working together to meet the unique needs of  families in unincorporated Willowbrook.

The Community House’s support ensures that the children residing in the Willowbrook Corner community have the academic support and life skills necessary to succeed. Over 5,000 children from hundreds of families have benefited from Willowbrook Corner Programs.

After School Programs

We provide students with a range of choices and opportunities that empower them, encourage their academic success, and strengthen life skills through enrichment activities.picture1

Our program is delivered by staff including a certified teacher, qualified aides , and trained volunteers. Our team provides a consistent presence for students over many years, and develops positive, encouraging relationships with students to support their success. Our services are held at Anne M. Jeans Elementary School in Willowbrook, and open to the residents of Echo Lane, Hinsdale Lake Terrace, Hinsdale Point, and Waterfall Glen complexes.

Students start off the after-school program with a healthy snack followed by one hour devoted to self-paced study. During this time, we encourage the children to work on their homework, read or work with our staff or a tutor on an educational activity. For the last hour of the program, we provide enrichment programming such as cultural, artistic or life-skills activities, or team sports. We are open from 3:00 pm to 6:00pm Monday through Thursday, and 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Friday. We have expanded hours to accommodate families on half-days of school and most days when school is not in session.

The Summer Learning Program

Communities in need often experience challenges, including children’s gaps in academic achievement, which can be addressed with learning opportunities during summer break.   Our summer programs include educational workshops in the areas of health promotion (including Building Self-Esteem and Violence Prevention), academic skills (such as, Math ABC’s), theater, arts and music workshops, and educational field trips to encourage students to think broadly about their future careers. 

Educational trips are a highlight of our summer programs, and have included opportunities for students to tour a zoo and learn what it is like to work there, to meet a sailor and hear about a typical day at sea, and visit a local business to ask the business owner how they got started and what they learned along the way.