Willowbrook Corner Partners Program

The Community House’s Willowbrook Corner Partners Program provides counseling and therapy services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Services are provided at no cost to the residents of Hinsdale Lake Terrace, Hinsdale Point, Waterfall Glen, and Echo Lane. Partnerships are the key to strong and healthy communities. Here at The Partners Program, we use our relationships with other service providers in the community to help clients find the services to meet their needs. Through counseling, groups and workshops, The Partners Program offers experiences and opportunities for clients to heal and enrich their lives.

Education and Workshops

The Willowbrook Corner Partners Program provides education and support workshops to help residents learn and grow through life’s challenges. Participants explore ideas, tools, and teachings related to each topic in order to enrich their lives and relationships. Each workshop guides participants with engaging exercises and activities so they can return to their everyday lives with fresh skills, abilities, and outlooks. Snacks and child care are also provided at no cost.

Child and Adolescent Group Programs

Partner Program Groups provide members with essential skills and experiences to successfully face the challenges of everyday life. Through fun activities and discussions, members develop vital abilities such as social skills, positive conflict resolution, anger management, collaboration, morals and values, goal setting, and much more. Groups meet nightly for 8 weeks and are divided by age and gender for children 3rd-8th grade. All group meetings include a meal.

Without the support of generous donors and partners, many of these families would not receive any services or support.

The Partners Program is made possible in part by 

Generous support for the Child and Adolescent Program is provided by 


For enrollment in services or more information please contact:
Allison Rodgers at arodgers@thecommunityhouse.org