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Art is transcendent. It engages the senses and opens the mind teaching new forms of expression.

Named to honor the 37 years of leadership provided The Community House’s longest serving Executive Director, the Ly Hotchkin Arts Program is strengthening our arts programming giving children, youth and adults opportunities to experience the joy of discovery and creation that comes through all expressions of art.

LyArts Summer Art Camp is on a cultural journey through three American cities, including New York, Sante Fe and San Francisco! The collage above features four photos of the New York themed camp from inspiration to completion! Campers used their imaginations to go back to the 1960s and Andy Warhol’s Factory to paint Andy Warhol holding a TV in the style of Andy’s very own Triple Elvis.

Triple Elvis is a 1963 painting of Elvis Presley. The photographic image of Elvis used by Warhol as a basis for this work was taken from a still photo from the movie Flaming Star and has become iconic and synonymous with the singer.

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Make art a part of your life and those who will be touched by your artistry.