Jodie Harrison Basketball League Information

The Community House and Breakaway Basketball are very exited for another season of Jodie Harrison Basketball! This season may not be the Jodie Harrison season we are all used to but rest assured, we have prepared a fun alternative to offer the community!  


Jodie Harrison Basketball Picture Day
Jodie Harrison Basketball Picture Day will take place February 6th and 7th at The Community House in the Rotary Rooms.

Tier 1 Information

We are VERY excited to share that our region has moved into Tier 1. This means that we are now allowed to hold scrimmages on the weekends and no longer have to do non-contact practices. The updated scrimmage rules are attached to this email.


Some guidelines have remained the same:
-Masks will still be worn at all times
-Continue to bring your own basketball to practices
-No parent spectators at scrimmages or practices
-Basketballs will be sanitized between use for scrimmages
-All rosters will remain the same, teams will scrimmage other teams in their assigned Pod listed on the Quickscores schedule.

League Info 

  • Rosters and schedules are available online- use the information below to find your child’s team and schedules
  • Masks will be required at all times (even when playing/participating)
  • Due to the guidelines, we cannot allow spectators at practices or at weekly skill competitions.
  • CLICK HERE for the hoop height and ball size by age division
  • CLICK HERE to view our league guidelines and safety precautions 

Important Dates and Events 
Dates/Times subject to change

Jan 21           Last day for any refunds
Jan 25            First week of practices
Jan 30/31        First weekend of Team Skill Development Challenges
Feb 6/7            Picture Day at TCH
March 13/14    Final weekend of Team Skill Development Challenges

QuickScores Website- Rosters, Coaches, and Schedules

To find your coach, roster, and schedules follow the instructions below:

  1. Use this link to find your child’s team name and coach (To find your child’s team click here) 
  2. Once you know your team name use this link to find your assigned team/pod practice time (To view the Jodie Harrison 2021 Practice Schedule click here)
  3. Once you know your team name and pod number, go to and click your corresponding division, this will bring you to your Weekend Skill Competition Schedules

Site Navigation Tips

In order to find rosters, coaches, and game schedules in need to do the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Click your corresponding pod/grade under Jodie Harrison- this takes you to the main page which is the schedules
  3. The green bar across the top allows you to navigate between the schedules, rosters, and coaches

Team Specific Schedules

  1. Visit
  2. Click your corresponding pod/grade under Jodie Harrison – this takes you to the main page which is the schedules
  3. Click your team name to get a team specific skill competition schedule

League Registration – some divisions still allow registrations

Click on the link below and add your child to the online waitlist. Once your child is on the waitlist you can contact Kelci Bednar at to see what team options there are. We cannot guarantee team placements. 



Team/POD Formation info 

  • There is a max of 32 participants in our gym to ensure we do exceed 50 in our gym. We have very little room to change kids to different practice times.
  • As mentioned team requests are not guaranteed, we guarantee your child will have kids from their school on the roster and they may have kids from their school on the team.
  • We have prioritized keeping kids from the same school within the same pod. There are no schools that were split between pods because of this we will not make team changes within pods (no exceptions).
  • Kids will only interact with kids in their assigned pod. Kids assigned to the same pod will practice every week together and have the same Weekly Skill Competition Time.









Be a SUPERHERO-Sponsor a Team!


We are excited to offer opportunities for corporate sponsorship of teams, divisions and special events for the Jodie Harrison Basketball League. Fees charged for programs and services at The Community House cover roughly 50% of the operating budget. The remainder comes from generous individuals, corporations and foundation grants. This support helps cover things like equipment, uniforms, scholarships for those who couldn’t afford programs or services, education programs for low-income families and more!

Click here for sponsorship details.



Have any other questions? Contact us at 630-323-7500