Jodie Harrison Basketball League 4th-8th Grade Player Evaluations

For the 2022 season due to gym space availability, we have decided to not to have player evaluations. Please see below for more information about the team formation process for this season.

How We Place Teams:

While we encourage a competitive spirit in all players and coaches, all league decisions are made with the best interest of the majority of children involved. However, all kids from each individual school aren’t always on the same team and we have found it difficult to keep up with the best friend circles for each school in the district so we apologize if you child is not on the exact team requested. We guarantee that each child will have some other children from their school but do not guarantee that your child’s team roster will be all from their school. There is a high chance you will have children from another school on the team. Each roster is 10 kids per team.

The Recreation Supervisor will be responsible for selecting all teams and all final team placement decisions. Volunteer Parent Coaches do not help in team formation

4th-8th Grade Teams

  • what school they attend
  • # of years in the league
  • Participated in travel basketball
  • Combined grade levels (5th/6th and 7th/8th) – to have equal numbers of each grade on all team
  • 10 kids per team

For 4th grade and older we also take into consideration their their height and the number of years they have played basketball. We also must balance the number of kids from each grade for the divisions that have 2 grades playing together (equal number of 5th graders on each team means we cannot create a team of ALL 5th graders from one school because each team needs an equal number of 6th graders AND 5th graders).  We hope kids can make new friends and all players and their families enjoy a fun season!

How We Don’t Place Teams:

  • We do not guarantee team placements
  • We do not guarantee coach requests
  • We do not guarantee all the children from one school will be on the same roster

We do not look at who the kids played with last year and re-create teams.  We do not honor lists given to us by coaches.  Unfortunately we are not always able to accommodate requests for specific coaches or exactly what kids are placed together.  We do not know who is best friends.  We do not know what families are mortal enemies.  We do not intentionally stack teams.  We do not create teams of more than 10 players. Parent Volunteer Coaches do not create rosters or help in the team formation process. We really do want every player to have a fun season.

What If I Don’t Like My Team: We are genuinely sorry to hear that.  We strive for each individual player to enjoy the season.  Contact us and we can walk through your options.  Switching teams is not typically possible.  Once teams are placed, we rarely make changes.  If you are unable to make a practice time, let us know and we will attempt to move you to a team that practices on a different day but remember, we are unable to create teams of more than 10 players. We really are sorry but hope that you and your child can make the best of it and enjoy the company of a different group or meet new people from your area.