Flag Football League

2024 Flag Football Season

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The 2024 Fall Flag Football League is here! This league is for Kindergarten through 8th grade and is the best way for kids to SAFELY learn how to play the game. This website will be the location for all league information, rosters, schedules, standings, etc.

Flag football is a sport where the emphasis is speed, agility, teamwork, and precision. It is the perfect forum for players who love playing football, are just starting out or do not want to get into pads just yet. The goal of the league is for all kids to learn the game of football in a safe and fun atmosphere. Every participant, coach and parent are expected to emphasize sportsmanship, learning and enjoying the game throughout the season.


Flag Football Registration Links:

Kindergarten co-ed

1st Grade Boys

2nd Grade Boys

3rd Grade Boys

4th Grade Boys

5th Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys

7th Grade Boys

8th Grade Boys

1st Grade Girls

2nd Grade Girls

3rd Grade Girls

4th Grade Girls

5th Grade Girls

6th Grade Girls

7th Grade Girls

8th Grade Girls

NEW* Girls Flag Football League information!

Starting in August, your football fan can get the total football experience without the contact. Flag football is a sport where the emphasis is safety, speed, agility, teamwork, and precision. It is the perfect forum for players who love playing football, are just starting out or do not want to get into pads just yet. The Community House Flag Football League provides jerseys and flag sets to all players! The Recreation Supervisor will determine team selection. All efforts will be made to place players with schoolmates; however, it is not guaranteed. Team placement or coach requests are not guaranteed. If there are not enough registration to form full teams in age divisions, The Community House may opt to combine the girls league with the boys. Families will be notified of any and all league changes.

New Flag Football League?

The Community House is still finalizing the details for the opportunity of bringing a Kindergarten Flag Football League! More details will be shared at a later date.

Summer 2024 Football Classes & Camps available!

Flag Football Camp (5-7 years)

Flag Football Camp (8-12 years)

Flag Football Skills Clinic

Fun with Flag Football

Preseason Flag Football Camp (6-8 years)

Preseason Flag Football Camp (9-12 years)



  • 6 v 6 with 12 players per roster
  • No rush zones at the 5-yard line of each end-zone and each way off the mid-line
  • Pass clock enforced for QB’s and QB runs are allowed.
  • Rushing the QB is allowed.
  • all other rules covered in the rule book (link above)

Important Dates

  • August 20- Coaches meeting 6:30pm
  • August 23- Teams online by 8pm
  • August 23– Game schedules online by 8pm
  • August 26– Earliest Practice can begin.
  • September 15- Last day for refunds
  • September 7/8- Week 1 of games
  • September 23/24 Picture Day weekend
  • November 2/3, 9/10 – reserved for rain outs.

Volunteer Coaches Needed!

Volunteer coaches take on a key role for our Flag Football League. We need coaches at every grade level and having coaches from your child’s school is one of the best ways to help us keep as many children from the same school as we can. If you are interested in volunteering email jquarino@thecommunityhouse.org

Our Coaches Meeting is August 20th at 6:30pm at The Community House

How Are Teams Formed?

While we encourage a competitive spirit in all players and coaches, all league decisions are made with the best interest of the majority of children involved.  We know we cannot place each child with their best friend, so we do not accept team placement requests.  We do make every attempt to place children on a team with at least some of their schoolmates. The Recreation Supervisor will be responsible for selecting all teams and all final team placement decisions.

Teams will be constructed using the following criteria:
– what school they attend
– grade level (to have equal numbers of each grade on all team)
– # of years in the league


Practices are a one time a week commitment, however coaches are allowed to schedule 2 practices a week until opening game. After opening day coaches are allowed one practice per week. Volunteer coaches are responsible for choosing the practice time and location.

Game Days

1st/2nd grade and 3rd/4th grade play together on Saturdays.
5th/6th and 7th/8th grade play together on Sundays.

Games begin in September. Saturday games begin at 9:00am and Sunday games begin at 10:00am. Last game times of the day vary depending on number of teams.
All teams play 7 games, and all games will be held at Robbins Park, directly east of The Community House.


All players will receive an NFL team jersey. New this season the Flag Football League will be providing participants with TCH shorts! Mouth guards are required, and rubber molded cleats are recommended. Flags will be supplied by the league for both games and practices. No metal spikes are allowed.


For resources on plays, basic flag football knowledge, or drills check out the links below! Please note we have adapted our rule book to be a hybrid of UA and NFL flag and some information may vary. NFL plays 5v5 but has great resources to check out. Look at our League Rule book for exact information on how we play the game!

Under Armor UTL Plays: UA Flag Playbook
NFL Flag Football Glossary: Flag Football Glossary | NFL Play Football
NFL Flag Drills: Football Drills (nflflag.com)
NFL Flag Positions Guide: Flag Football Positions – NFL FLAG
NFL Flag Playbook: 5 on 5 Flag Football Playbook | NFL FLAG
6v6 Flag Football Plays: 6v6 Flag Football Plays (myfootballplays.com)

Have any other questions? Contact Joey Quarino at   jquarino@thecommunityhouse.org