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If you’re looking for just the right detail for your event, please ask about the availability of the items below. Please note, items for rental are limited and items not reserved in advance may not be available.

LCD Projector and Projection Screen: $20

Portable TV with DVD/VCR: $20

Portable Sound System (1 mic. included): $25 (each additional mic. $5, up to 4 mics.)

Baby Grand Piano: $30

Kettering Sound System: $300*

Kettering Sound System (iPod only): $30

Kettering Hall Light Board: $40

Coffee  Service: $35 per gallon**

Fireplace: $35

Foyer Furniture Removal: $100

*includes 3 hanging stage mics. and up to 4 handheld mics, lavaliere mics available at $15 each
**with cups, napkins, sugar, creamer, stirrers
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