The Counseling Center > School Suspension Reduction

The Counseling Center at The Community House and Lyons Township High School have partnered to create an option to connect students to additional support while reducing out-of-school suspension by half.

We help youth experiencing a wide range of issues, which may cause disciplinary issues: including:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression;
  • Relationship difficulties with family, friends and dating;
  • Frustration and anger; and
  • Substance abuse issues.

To qualify for a reduced suspension through The Counseling Center, students must complete four 50-minute sessions with a counselor.

To schedule an appointment, leave a message through our confidential intake line. We will return your call within 24 hours. The number is: (630) 323-7500 ext. 239.


Why Come to The Counseling Center to Reduce Suspension

Adolescence can be a difficult period to navigate for many young people. Some teenagers act out impulsively without presenting further issues, but disciplinary violations are often a sign that a student needs help to cope with school responsibilities and expectations from friends and family. If left unchecked, disciplinary infractions may lead to more profound socioemotional issues that hinder or thwart development into healthy adulthood, including anxiety, depression, school failure and refusal, acting out and addiction.

Our highly trained and experienced clinicians work primarily with adolescents. We recognize the tremendous opportunities for learning and growth presented by the many obstacles teenagers face.

Adolescents come to The Counseling Center to develop:

  • Skills to be healthier and happier at home, school and in the community.
  • Responsibility and accountability for one’s actions; and
  • Positive identity, ethics and values.