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We use the latest evidence-based research to provide effective therapy and counseling services for adults at the Counseling Center in two forms:

Individual Treatment:  Our clinicians use innovative models in brief counseling and long-term therapeutic approaches to help adults with a wide range of issues, including Autism Spectrum Disorders (read our Charlie’s Gift Proclamation), Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Behavioral Issues, Life Transitions, Challenging Relationships and more.

Couples: Our clinicians are trained to provide quality therapy services to adult couples. We have helped couples with the development of healthy communication, improving intimacy, infidelity, power and control issues, conflict resolution skills, and setting healthy boundaries.

 & Families

We center on relationship building and creativity-based activities in our work with children below age 13. In most cases, parental involvement in the treatment of children is essential to positive outcomes.

WBC Partners Program

The Partners Program provides counseling and therapy services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Services are provided at no cost to the residents of Hinsdale Lake Terrace, Hinsdale Point, Waterfall Glen, and Echo Lane. Partnerships are the key to strong and healthy communities. The Partners Program uses relationships with other service providers in the community to help clients find the services to meet their needs.