UNEASE -Virtual Gallery Tour

Every year, The Community House LyArts Program is honored to host the Illinois 6th District High School Art Competition and the District 181 Art Show. This year, we’re taking a different route in the form of a Virtual Gallery Tour to share the award winning art work of a fearlessly talented young artist.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, LyArts Director, Jimmy McDermott ZOOM interviewed Hinsdale Central Senior (and now graduate), Emily Laughman, who took 2nd place in the Illinois 6th District High School Art Competition in 2019 with her piece entitled, “Bite Your Tongue”.

With this piece, which was part of a full series entitled “UNEASE”, Ms. Laughman drew inspiration from her own experiences with mental health and the struggles that come with depression and anxiety.

Bob Agnoli, Director of Mental Health Services expressed his appreciation of Ms. Laughman’s ability to depict the experience of mental health and anxiety through her art.

“Along with everyone at TCH, we want to express our gratitude to Ms. Laughman for sharing her work with us in this wonderful Virtual Gallery Tour. As a young artist who has experienced mental health struggles, Emily has been able to visually capture the experience of many teens with anxiety and depression. I am especially moved by the distortion of the images as often anxiety and depression distort individuals views of themselves and their environment. Her art is a great catalyst to start the important conversation about mental health.”

Click the play button on the video above to enjoy UNEASE – Virtual Gallery Tour. Please note, the images included may be disturbing or triggering to some. Viewer discretion and parental guidance is suggested.