Summer Camp 2020



The Community House Summer Camps give children an opportunity to continue growing in a structured environment that is designed with merriment in mind.

Because learning should always be fun!

At The Community House, we specialize in providing young people with opportunities to engage that are unique to their interests and allow them to take a deep dive into developing new skills. We’ve got so much to offer and nothing puts a smile on our faces like listening to our students share what they learned, who they made friends with or what they discovered at Summer Camp! Because #EverySummerHasAStory

A revised version of the traditional Summer Day Camp program will be offered from Monday, July 6th through Friday, August 21st. The Community House will host camp from 8:00am-5:00pm daily with flexible pick up from 3-5pm. At this time the maximum number of campers is 40; we will divide children into groups of 10 maximum according to age (and siblings). The safety of the children, staff, and community remains our priority. To minimize potential risk small groups of campers will stay together all day, each day. Registration will be on a weekly basis, we will not have a daily registration option, and drop in campers will not be permitted.

Campers will remain at least 6 feet apart and will not share objects. Outdoor activities will be prioritized; and we will host in-house field trips by using outside contractors and awesome activities. We will also have one (1) pool day per week.  While camp will undoubtedly be very different this year, The Community House employs dynamic and experienced staff and I am confident we will continue to create a program that is safe, fun, and socially appropriate as we move forward. We will have a great camp experience for campers with safety being a priority. *Summer program dates and details are subject to change based on guidance from public health officials.


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Summer Day Camp – All Ages

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