Star of the House

PEOPLE are what make The Community House a wonderful place.  Watch for our Star of the House updates as we celebrate some of the special people who make The Community House you place to gather and grow!

Ashley came to The Community House Volunteer Camp as a 7th grader because her mom signed her up! Read below about how the camp not only changed her as a 7th grader, but how The Community House remains a part of her life as she is mid-way through her college experience.

My name is Ashley Lawrence, and I have been involved with Volunteer Camp for the past seven years. When I first came to The Community House, as a shy 7th grader, I had no

 expectations. My mother signed me up for two weeks of camp, and I was not thrilled to wake up at 8:30am on my summer break. By the end of the week, my attitude was transformed and I discovered a purpose for my time.

It gave me pride to serve my community, humility to work with people who needed assistance and passion to pursue a newfound commitment. As the years passed, I outgrew the Volunteer Camp’s age group; but in high school, Mrs. McGonagle offered me the opportunity to be her assistant camp counselor, which has continued while attending University of Illinois. As an unexpected gift, my work at The Community House was a key factor in receiving a 4-year partial scholarship.

I am extremely grateful I was given the chance to continue my dedication for service in a leadership role. I am able to motivate campers, dedicate my time to multiple organizations and share enthusiasm through this amazing program. Coming up on my junior year of college, Volunteer Camp gives me a place to share my abilities and compassion with many, and be inspired to continue volunteer work for years to come.