#OurCommunity Spotlight – Tiny Toes Music

March 16, 2021 

 Oh John the Rabbit had a mighty habit  

Jumpin‘ in my garden 

Cuttin‘ down my cabbage  

My fresh tomatoes  

My sweet potatoes  

And if I live to see next fall 

ain’t gonna have no garden at all! 


The musician in the picture to the right is Roberta Wentling, playing her guitar and singing a traditional folk song called “John the Rabbit” while hopping along with aenthusiastic participant 

This is Tiny Toes Music! A high energy, fun, music experience founded by Wentling with one purpose –  to change communities for the better by teaching families to play together through music. 

Founded in 2009, Wentling was inspired by an experience at a music class that truly demonstrated the importance of playing with her own two children. Her and her husband and even their parents were introduced to music they could listen to together with their two young children, tapping and moving their tiny toes to the beat, singing, dancing, and having a blast! 

“Tiny Toes Music is a song writing a chapter in your family’s story! We make joyful music that strengthens the family bond for years to come. Every class gives families the opportunity to engage in the arts and open up creatively, emotionally and spiritually.” 

Tiny Toes Music has been part of The Community House family of partners since 2016Classes were initially offered 5 days a week 5 years ago, but increased significantly based on popularity to 9 classes on 4 days a week with 4 different instructors 

You have likely heard Roberta or one of her very talented team members leading a Tiny Toes Music class in Kettering Hall lately, giving classes room to stay socially distant and safe.  

“The Community House is an incredibly special place, says Wentling. Every time I come into the building, I am greeted by a warm and welcoming staff and am continually amazed at the diversity and outreach of activities and offerings. By supporting mental health, outreach at Willowbrook Corner, early childhood education, active adults, sports, and the arts, The Community House truly has something for everyone.”  

Jimmy McDermott, Director of LyArts Programming echoes similar sentiments about the incredible impact Tiny Toes Music has on our community  

“There’s nothing like being in a meeting or class and hearing the Tiny Toes Music class happening. No matter where you are or what you’re doing in the building it brings a smile to your face to hear kids and their families singing and laughing together. We’re so proud of the partnership we have with Tiny Toes Music and how they have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure they can continue providing joy and togetherness to our community of families during a time when joy and togetherness is a critical need.”  

Tiny Toes Music spring “Music Together” classes begin April 5 in an outdoor and in person setting at The Community House. Click here to register!  

Learn more about Tiny Toes Music at tinytoesmusic.com 

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