#OurCommunity Spotlight – The Village Tutors

February 3, 2021 

Founded in 2004, The Village Tutors (TVT) have been a pillar in our community for almost two decades. Their mission – to help families navigate the best possible educational paths for their traditional or non-traditional learners using a one-on-one, evidence-based approach.  

It all began when a group of women, motivated by their own children’s learning challenges acknowledged a need for tutoring services in Hinsdale. They were known as “The Reading Ladies”, and as the students they tutored advanced, they did too, moving right along with them to provide services at all grade levels through college. As The Reading Ladies evolved, they became The Village Tutors and enhanced their already stellar services to include all academic areas and test preparation.  

An added benefit to their comprehensive tutoring services, The Village Tutors are residents of The Community House (TCH)! You’ve likely seen their cubicles in the second-floor hallway that leads from the stairs out of the field house to the fitness studio.  

Through a partnership that spans 16 years, The Village Tutors and The Community House have been enjoying the mutual benefits of collaboration and coordination In 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, TVT and TCH worked together to develop the ELearning Care Program to help District 181 students and their families engage in successful e-learning outside of the home in a COVID safe and enriching environment 

Suzanne Petree, Founder of The Village Tutors is proud of the partnership and work being done to help D181 students and their families navigate a precarious situation. 

“The E-Learning Care partnership was a natural extension of our relationship with TCH. They have opened their arms to us, and we are doing the same to them as they continue in their mission of supporting the community where the need is the greatest. I am deeply grateful that we could do our part to support families during this difficult time.” 

The Community House is honored to have The Village Tutors in residence at our house and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.  

To learn more about The Village Tutors, please visit their website at www.thevillagetutors.org 


(#OurCommunity Spotlight is a monthly blog post created by The Community House)