#OurCommunity Spotlight – Cathy McAndrews Fitness

Cathy McAndrews has been a Certified Fitness Instructor for 45 years and prides herself on her ability to make fitness fun, while maintaining the safety and efficacy of exercise.

“There have been many changes to fitness since I became certified in 1985, but one thing remains the same, my passion for helping others attain their fitness goals in a healthy way! My motto has always been, ‘work out happier, not harder’, because exercise should be joyful and fun – that’s when it’s most effective.”

Cathy has been a friend and partner of The Community House for many years, inspiring and helping our Active Adults to keep their bodies in motion in a number of different ways. You have likely heard her enthusiastic voice echoing in our field house over upbeat music, encouraging her Prime Time class to keep moving, keep their energy up and keep up the good work! Or maybe you’ve seen her and her Pilates/Barre class “booming” in our fitness room!

Cathy will be taking over the popular Sit and Get Fit class beginning in January 2021. This class promotes enhanced overall physical fitness for older adults by using low impact exercises while staying seated.

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, like so many of us, Cathy longed to get back to a “new normal” and that’s just what she is doing now at TCH.

“I was so happy to return to my classes and be with my friends. There was an overwhelming feeling of normalcy and relief. What we have together is more than just an exercise class. It’s a community of caring hearts. We talk, we listen and we reach out for support. That’s the magic of community-based exercise programming.”

Two of Cathy’s classes are now enrolling, including Pilates/Barre Mash Up and Prime Time A+. Sit and Get Fit will be back in action beginning in January! Each class is set-up according to Illinois state fitness class guidelines, at a safe and social distance, in properly ventilated spaces.

The Community House Active Adults services aim to provide all ages of adults, from 18 and up with high quality programs and classes.

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