Counseling Center awarded $250,000 grant in support of Willowbrook Corner community

The Community House is delighted to announce that The Counseling Center has received a $250,000 Transformational Grant from the DuPage Community Transformation Partnership Fund (DCTP) to support the under resourced Willowbrook Corner community with mental health counseling services. 

“We are grateful to the DuPage Community Transformation Partnership for their unwavering support of our Counseling Center, especially to support the establishment of an office in the Willowbrook Corner community and the hiring of a clinician to provide trauma-informed mental health services and case management for low-income youth and young adults.” said Dan Janowick, Executive Director.

The Community House is a non-profit organization in DuPage County that provides counseling and therapeutic services, education support and community building, as well as recreation and cultural opportunities for individuals and families from birth through retirement. The Counseling Center provides services to individuals and families who are ready to engage in the process of therapeutic services on a sliding fee scale. Over the last year, The Community House has expanded mental health services in Willowbrook Corner as well as Hinsdale Central High School and the main location at 415 W. Eighth Street.

Luke Goodwin, Chair of The Community House Board of Trustees said, “The DuPage Community Transformational Partnership funding will do exactly as intended by helping us continue to transform the Willowbrook Corner community with life changing counseling services that would otherwise not be available in this under-resourced community.”

“Every dollar provided through this grant will be utilized to help those who are ready to change their lives and build brighter futures, achieve their goals, and create intergenerational health and wellness in their families and their community, “said Dr. Loren Williams, Director of Social Impact at The Community House. There is a critical need for trauma informed counseling in Willowbrook Corner and we are ready to help youth and young adults heal and embrace mental wellness in their lives.”

Through 2026, the DCTP Fund will award $10 million in grants to address immediate and long-term needs in the community in response to the COVID-19 health emergency.

About the DuPage Community Transformation Partnership

The DuPage Community Transformation Partnership (DCTP) is funded by a grant from the DuPage County Board through the American Rescue Plan Act. The DCTP, a collaboration between DuPage County and DuPage Foundation, supports programs to address some of the community’s most urgent social service needs including food insecurity, housing instability, mental health and substance usedisorder. Programs funded through the DCTP will provide positive, measurable impact, helping people in need move from instability to security and self-sufficiency.

January 2023