Mary Schmich Helps Our Community Redefine Aging

Terri Bowen, CEO of King-Bruwaert House asked a packed Kettering Hall to, “Please raise your hand if you are aging.” A quick glance around the room caused a moment of uproarious laughter as everyone’s hand was raised.

We are all aging. To be alive is to be aging. And that’s a very good thing.

During our sold-out May 1 luncheon with Mary Schmich, The Community House, King-Bruwaert House and 250 of our closest friends addressed what it means to age and how we can redefine the experience.

In her own words, Mary Schmich eloquently stated  that, “Aging is not about staying young. It’s about acknowledging what is truly happening to you.”

At The Community House we offer many ways to stay active and engaged! Find a new  hobby, take in a cultural event, learn a new skill or get to know your self. We love it when our friends visit #OurHouse and make it their own.