Finding fun things to do while you’re stuck inside can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re accustom to being on the go and having great places like TCH to have fun and stay engaged.

But, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed or search for ideas when we’ve got a full list of fun things to do right here.



Help us say thank you to all of those people who are making a big difference in the world right now to help slow the spread of COVID-19 or making social distancing easy. Make a sign or a video that acknowledges their contributions and tag The Community House on your social media page with the hashtag #7DaysofThanks

Day 1: Health Care Providers

Day 2: Teachers

Day 3: Grocery Workers

Day 4: First Responders

Day 5: Civil Servants

Day 6: Counselors

Day 7: Non-Profit Organizations



What is STUDIO 415?
It’s an opportunity to participate in a LyArts program from the comfort of your own home. The saying goes, (social) distance makes the heart grow fonder, but we’re bringing our beloved arts program to you! Join us on Facebook Live every weekday at 4:15pm to participate in an art project with our LyArts Program Director, Jimmy McDermott.
Click to review this week’s Studio 415 Sessions & Supplies needed to participate.



Let’s be together, from afar!

Be part of the fun!



  • Family Bake-Off (Who’s brownies are better?)
  • Family Cook Off (Who’s the best chef?)
  • Family Game Night (Monopoly anyone?)
  • Spring Into Cleaning (Grab the chore chart!)
  • Family Spa Day (Relax, unwind and pamper the whole family!)
  • Find Your Zen with Meditation (There are many apps (Calm) or streaming sites (Spotify or Youtube) where you can find guided meditations or calming music)
  • Move Your Body (Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Aerobics, any type of exercise will keep your blood pumping and your body moving, which increases your endorphins!)
  • Keep a Family Journal (When you journal, you’re writing history!)
  • Create a Scrapbook (Digital or hard copy, either way, you’ll have a book of memories that will last a lifetime!)
  • Family Camp-In (Make a tent out of blankets and cook up some hot dogs and smores, sing songs and tell stories around a makeshift campfire you made during Craft Hour – see below.)
  • Movie Night (Everyone gets to pick their favorite movie to watch one night and their favorite snack!)
  • Craft Hour (Grab all your art supplies, paint, pipe cleaners, markers and make something spectacular!)
  • Read, read, read a book (Or listen to an Audiobook!)
  • Make a Family Playlist (Everyone gets to choose 5 or more of their favorite songs!)
  • Have a DANCE PARTY (Use the playlist you created to burn some energy and impress your family with your smooth moves!)
  • Have a Scavenger Hunt (One clue leads to the other and in the end, you’ve spent two hours having a great time!)
  • Make an obstacle course (Gather up all of your furniture and create a fun, active and safe adventure in the comfort of your own home.)
  • Begin to Learn a New Language 


  • Take 30 Minutes for Yourself Whenever You Need It (Meditate, take a deep breath, watch your favorite show, etc.)
  • Listen to a Podcast
  • Get your Taxes Done
  • Journal (Dear Diary…)
  • Clean out your inbox (Keep The Community House emails, delete and unsubscribe from the rest!)
  • Create a photo inventory of all your belongings for insurance purposes (Better to be safe than sorry.)
  • De-Clutter (Marie Kondo can help!)
  • Play Brain Games 
  • Stay motivated! 
  • Plan your summer vacation (Summer will be wonderful!)