Thank you for donating on GivingTuesday!

Thank you for supporting The Community House on GivingTuesday! We are grateful for your generosity and your willingness to #CommitToCommunity!

If you missed GivingTuesday or would like to contribute to our Annual Appeal campaign, please click the link below.


This year, we are asking you, our neighbors, friends, and family to #CommitToCommunity in support of our most valuable programs and equitable access to vital social services at reasonable prices.

By giving today, you are not just supporting The Community House, you are committing to making a positive impact in the lives of thousands of people; you are supporting the arts and providing people of all ages with the opportunity to express themselves and be creative; you are providing equitable access to quality social services for children and their families, and you are creating a healthy community that is strong and connected.