Clue Murder Mystery

This quarantine has finally gotten to the Parks and Recreation Department at The Community House and the Village of Hinsdale! They are tired of all the cancellations and delays in their fun activities. They wish people could be back in the parks, having fun, making crafts, and playing ball. Enough is enough! We are done with the evil Mr. COVID who started this pandemic!

Are you a good enough detective to figure out which Parks and Recreation Department employee murdered Mr. COVID? Who did it? Where did they do it? What weapon did they use?

Where to find the clues:
Search for paper clues around Robbins Park (S Vine St & 7th St) and Burlington Park (30 E. Chicago Avenue) in Hinsdale to solve the murder of Mr. COVID!

Dates Available:
This mystery will be available from May 8th-May17th. Use the following page to check off the clues you find.

Be sure to maintain appropriate social distancing while you investigate and please don’t touch or remove the clue! Search high and low for paper clues that will mention either a suspect, weapon or location that wasn’t used in the crime (you don’t actually need to visit those parks). You will need to walk, bike or run at either park to make sure you don’t miss any evidence.

What to do when you solved the mystery:
Once you have solved the mystery email to enter a raffle for a prize!
DON’T give away the answer, we want to keep this fun going for and give everyone a chance to figure it out.

Clues List with Pictures!
Click HERE for a printable version of the clues to find with pictures!


List of Weapons:

Clorox Wipes, Lysol, Vaccine, UV Rays, Hand Sanitizer

List of Suspects:

Beth Hahn, Kate Vogts, Kelci Bednar, Dan Janowick, Heather Bereckis, John Finnell, Sammy Hanzel

List of Locations:

KLM Park, The Community House, Pierce Park, Memorial Hall, Hinsdale Police Department, Burns Park