Band Together to Support Willowbrook Corner

Thanks to everyone who attended Band Together! Special thanks to co-chairs and host committee, sponsors, volunteers, The Millennials, Infinity, and raffle donors. Proceeds benefit Willowbrook Corner Youth Learning Program, an outreach program of The Community House.

At this year’s event, over 200 people enjoyed a night out and helped raise over $28,000 in support of the Willowbrook Corner Youth Learning Program.

Your generous support will enable us to continue to provide educational and recreational opportunities to at-risk children residing in the low-income Willowbrook Corner neighborhood. These funds also allow us to provide educational supplies, enhanced life-skills curriculum, workshops and educational field trips to local children we serve year-round.

We thank YOU for all that you did to make it happen!

Check out photos from the evening on our facebook page. Photos by Courtney Cimo | Photo + Film

2018 Presenting Sponsor

2018 Sponsors

2018 Co-Chairs:
Trayce and Tony Biancalana
Alyssa and Matt Guido
Tracey and Stuart McCarroll

2018 Host Committee
Lynn & Robert Ambrose
Artemis & John Anos
Polly & Mike Ascher
Trayce & Tony Biancalana
Sherri & Kris Bjorson
Mary & Chris Catalano
Jennifer & Doug Cherry
Susan & Tom Counts
Nicholette & Jeff Cutrera
Sue & Tom Driscoll
Paula & Mike Dupont
Sondra & Jason Fowler
Tracy & Brian Frizzell
Jenny & Paul Froiland
Carolyn Burger & Rik Geiersbach
Francesca & Chris Gick
Christie & Matt Helm
Karina & Marty Henehan
Mary & Mark Henneman
Lisa & Tim Hinchman
Julie & Scott Jonlich
Barb & Bill Keller
Sandy & Tad Lagestee
Lisa & Paul Lambert
Amanda & Kevin Lannert
Tonya & Ken Lawson
Jennifer & Scott Lundmark
Carrie & Larry Nguyen
Kristine & Jim Oakey
Patty & Mark Ptacek
Linda & Mike Riordan
Eileen & John Sachanda
Salwa Sanbulli
Donna & Wesley Urick
Amy & Edward Usher
Christine & Sam Valeo
Colleen Wilcox
Alice & Braden Waverley

About Willowbrook Corner Learning Program

The Community House offers vital educational and recreational opportunities to children and families residing in the low income Willowbrook Corner neighborhood. The Vision of the Willowbrook Corner Youth Learning Program is to provide support and educational enhancement resources for youth academic success, career readiness and leadership development.

Champions for Children

If you would like to make a donation to help underwrite expenses associated with the Willowbrook Corner Youth Learning Program, we welcome you to help improve the services we provide by clicking HERE. Your support makes a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve!

How your donation helps:
$5,000: Sponsors 5 children to join the After School Learning Program
$2,500: Transports 80 children to 4 educational trips
$1,000: Teaches 80 children Health & Wellness curriculum
$500: Supports 1 child in the Summer Learning Program
$250: Gives 2 children the gift of golf academy classes
$100: Provides 10 children with calculators
$50: Buys 1 child school supplies for the year