Commit to Community

C2C – Commit to Community, DAY OF GIVING

We Give Because We Care. 

#C2C Day of Giving is a 36-hour online giving challenge that brings together our community to help raise much-needed unrestricted funds and shine a spotlight on the work that The Community House does to make this the place we all call home.

This year, The Community House is celebrating on Monday, April 4th at 6am and will continue until April 5th until midnight.

Please mark your calendar and when asked give as generously as possible. All proceeds will benefit the mission we serve – to insure equitable access to social services and recreational, cultural, educational and social programming for Hinsdale and its surrounding communities.

Won’t you Commit to Community today?

There are three ways to give!

  1. Text C2C to 72572
  2. Request a C2C Annual Fund Brochure be sent by mail or view it here.

Gifts of all sizes are vital to the success of this campaign and are deeply appreciated.