A Tribute to Ly Hotchkin

Ly Hotchkin, 2018 Holiday Ball

A Beautiful Life and an Unparalleled Legacy, a Tribute to Ly Hotchkin

by Executive Director, Dan Janowick

Ly Hotchkin, who led TCH for more than 30 years as Executive Director, passed away this week. Ly was an inspiration to so many who have walked the halls of The Community House, myself included. Her energy, wit, and enthusiasm were so contagious because she was so genuine.

The Community House’s success today is a testament to her leadership and tenacity in building a connected and engaged community. She never disappointed when given the chance to take hold of a microphone and over the past 25 years has been a regular at TCH events and on-stage in the Community Revue. In recognition of her legacy of service, the Ly Hotchkin Arts Program was named for her in 2016 with a permanent portrait being unveiled in the upstairs gallery space in 2018.

Ly will be missed, but her family and friends will be comforted by many great memories in her 95 years. When the time is right and we can do so safely, we’ll raise a glass and share a toast in her memory, just as Ly would want!

It has been a pleasure to know and learn from Ly. While I know I will never “fill her shoes” I am honored to be on the path she fearlessly blazed for everyone who has followed her. The communities she served are more connected and stronger because of her.

The Gift of Ly 

by LyArts Program Director, Jimmy McDermott

Knowing Ly these first 4 years of heading LyArts was a total gift. I got to meet her soon after starting work at The Community House. And it was immediately clear to me that the mission of the program needed to reflect its namesake.

Ly was whip smart, grounded, community minded and very fun. And everything we offer here has to meet those accessible yet essential standards. In 2018, we commissioned local artist David Marcet to paint a portrait of Ly as the first piece in our permanent collection of the LyArts gallery up here on the second floor. I accompanied the artist when he showed Ly a preview of the painting before it was unveiled. She was very nearly speechless but was able to say “David, you have given me immortality.” I get to pass her portrait every day here. She’s watching. And will continue to preside over The Community House for generations to come.