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Charlie’s Gift offers individual and group therapy, and family support services, to address the behavioral and developmental needs of children, adolescents and young adults who are challenged by:

  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Social-communication disorders
  • Sensory processing and integration disorders
  • Anxiety, mood and attention deficit disorders

Charlie’s Gift addresses the needs of children and families facing autism and related disorders through speech, occupational, behavior therapy, counseling services, social skills development, parent advocacy and family support. All children are welcome, including those without a diagnosis. As a community wide resource serving the Chicago metro area, Charlie’s Gift strives to raise the awareness of the impact of autism and related disorders on families.

Through a family-centered team based approach, Charlie’s Gift is committed to providing a range of services to optimize the development of the child and adolescent, the personal growth of the young adult, and strengthen the family as a whole.

What Makes Charlie’s Gift Unique?

  • We provide a comprehensive array of therapy services and fun group activities for children to offer a holistic approach to intervention.
  • We work with children in the context of their family,which means that parents, siblings, and extended family members are supported as well.
  • We utilize an empowerment model to foster personal growth in young adults
  • We strive to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum and related disorders by providing community education and community based services.

Charlie’s Gift Services

We offer several Social-Skills programs. Find a tailored program for participants aged 9-16 years.

Family enrichment opportunities set Charlie’s Gift apart in treating the entire family affected by a child with ASD.


Siblings created a unusual looking but DELICIOUS treat to bring home the reality that it’s not the outside that matters…….it’s what’s inside!




Your amazing support was overwhelming….
  • Over 1200 participants walked in Walk the Walk for Autism
  • You helped us raise over $92,000 benefiting programs and services provided by Charlie’s Gift Center for Autism and Related Disorders
  • Top Team was Walker Wildcats — raising $14,320 with 151 members
  • Top Fundraiser and Fitbit winner was Noah Tomanovich — raising over $7,550
Thank you for Walking the Walk!  See You Next Year! 


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