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Charlie’s Gift Autism Center is pleased to announce the expansion of services!

  • Additional availability for occupational therapy with a sensory based approach.
  • Additional availability for speech therapy.
  • “Coffee & Conversations” a monthly parent networking and support group.  Our next meeting is Thursday, July 31, 6:30-8:00 PM.
  • Zones of Regulation Groups, to help children develop self-regulation and emotional control.
  • Horseback Riding Camp, meeting Friday mornings this summer.  Here are some camp photos:
  • Social Skills groups.
  • Sibshops, a monthly recreation group just for the brothers and sisters of children with developmental challenges.  Save the Dates for upcoming Saturday morning Sibshops:  August 2, September 6, October 4, November 1, 2014.  Here are some pictures from our recent Sibshops group:

Charlie’s Gift Center for Autism and Related Disorders specializes in providing custom tailored services to children who are challenged by Autism Spectrum and Sensory Disorders.  Using a family centered, team based approach, we provide a comprehensive array of opportunities to support the child, family, and others who are significant members of the child’s life.  Our services are provided by experienced, licensed professionals who create a coordinated, therapeutic and engaging environment for treatment.

This innovative and integrative approach makes it easier to get your child what they need NOW – it is “one stop shopping” for therapeutic interventions.  Our Services include:

Behavioral/Counseling Services
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy

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Why Charlie’s Gift is the Best Place for your Child

  • Centralized support – reduce the number of necessary trips to clinic and the number of environments to which your child needs to adjust.
  • Team Approach - experienced staff in all areas (Occupational, Speech, and Mental Health Therapist) strategize to ensure clarity and consistency in treatments.
  • Custom Treatment Plan - Charlie’s Gift therapy team develops a Master Treatment Plan with individualized goals, objectives and measurable outcomes tailored to your child’s specific strengths and needs.
  • Simplified paperwork – Streamlined admission, evaluation and billing processes.

If you feel Charlie’s Gift can benefit your child and would like to begin with a comprehensive evaluation and customized therapy plan, please call 630-810-1200 today.

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