Jodie Harrison Basketball League Information

The Community House is very exited for another season of Jodie Harrison Basketball! This season may not be the Jodie Harrison season we are all used to but rest assured, we have prepared a fun alternative to offer the community!

This season we are partnering with Breakaway Basketball to run all practices and weekend activities (parent volunteer coaches still needed!). Our league will follow the All Sports Policies (click here to view) and both The Community House and Breakaway Basketball are prepared to tailor the league to follow any guidelines changes we may face.

Breakaway Basketball Coaches will run all league practices and assist in running the weekend Team Skill Challenges. Volunteer Coaches are still needed to assist in team practices and manage teams on the weekends.

As of November 18, as part of our continued efforts to maintain a safe environment for our guests, staff, and community members we are forced to pause all basketball programming, however, registration for 2021 remains open and as we move forward, we will look for the guidance of Dupage County Health Department and DCOE. Once we move back into Tier 2, we will continue basketball programming as scheduled or if need be reschedule missed classes and dates.  For those planning on the 2nd-8th grade Jodie Harrison season, we are still looking forward to providing a great program for you so that kids and families can have opportunities to play and compete.  

We thank you for your patience and cooperation. We know that participating in programs like this are part of providing healing, socialization, and normalcy to kids and families who desperately need it and understand the physical and mental health benefits of being a connected community.  We are taking a pause, but we’ll be back stronger than ever!



League Registration



Be sure before you register you get the chance to look over our league changes, guidelines, and important dates.

League Logistics

  • Each age division will be split into Pods of ~32 kids with 8 kids per team.
    (Pods will be formed based on school and grade.) Team requests are NOT GUARANTEED. Pod/Team formation will be made by the Recreation Supervisor.- see below for more information Pod/team formation.
  • All League activities will be non-contact to follow the current All Sports Policies. In the event of basketball moving to Level 2 in the All Sports Policies, weekend skill competitions will be turned into scrimmages between teams within your assigned Pod.
  • Time commitment will be a 1 hr week night practice and 1 weekend Team Skills Challenge both ran by Breakaway Basketball
  • Volunteer Coaches Needed at every grade level to help assist with practices and the team skill challenges on the weekend
  • Masks will be required at all times (even when playing/participating)
  • To receive member pricing, your membership must be valid on the start date of the league, January 4, 2021.
  • All refunds will be charged a 50% processing fee after January 4, 2021. Refunds will NOT be given after January 21, 2021. This date allows parents to know the practice/weekend schedule and determine if their child can participate in the league
  • CLICK HERE for the hoop height and ball size by age division
  • CLICK HERE to view our league guidelines and safety precautions 

Important Dates and Events 
Dates/Times subject to change

Jan 4               Last day for full refund—50% processing fee applied
Jan 13               Coaches Meeting at 6:30pm via zoom
Jan 20            Rosters and schedules posted online by 8:00pm
Jan 21           Last day for any refunds
Jan 25            First week of practices
Jan 30/31        First weekend of Team Skill Development Challenges
Feb 6/7            Picture Day at TCH
March 13/14    Final weekend of Team Skill Development Challenges

Team/POD Formation

How we will form teams and pods:
Age groups will be put into pods of ~32 kids, within each pod we will split the 32 kids into teams of ~8 kids per roster.
-Pods will be based on age/grade and which schools kids attend
-Depending on the registration numbers from each school, we may not be able to put all the kids from the same school on the same team. However, we will do our absolute best to keep all kids in the same school in the same pod. (they will still be at the same practices and the same time for weekend skill challenges)
-Depending on the number of kids from each grade in combined age divisions; we may choose to prioritize keep school and grades together over keeping teams/pods equal with equal number of kids from the same grade on each team.
-Team requests are NOT guaranteed, there is a high chance your child will be on a team with children from another school.

Volunteer Coaches NEEDED!!

Volunteer Coaches needed at every grade level to help assist with practices and the team skill challenges on the weekend. We have a strict 2 coach max per team and we will not accept any 3rd coach requests. 

A coaches meeting will be held Wednesday, January 13th- 6:30pm, via zoom.
If you are interested in coaching email

Practices/Weekend Skill Competitions

Practices and Weekend Skill Competitions will be held at The Community House ran by Breakaway Basketball Coaches with the assistance of parent volunteer coaches.
Weekday practices are chosen at random by the Recreation Supervisor
Weekend activities can be played at any point during the season and times listed below are TENTATIVE and subject to change.

2nd boys- Saturdays, 9:00am-12:00pm
2nd girls- Saturdays,11:00am-2:00pm
3rd boys– Saturdays, 1:00-4:00pm
3rd girls- Saturdays, 3:00-5:00pm
4th boys– Saturdays, 4:00-7:00pm
4th girls– Sundays, 10:00am-12:00pm
5th/6th boys– Sundays, 1:00-4:00pm
5th/6th girls– Sundays, 11:00am-2:00pm
7th/8th boys– Sundays, 9:00-11:00am
7th/8th girls– Sundays, 4:00-5:00pm

Team Skill Development Challenge Day (Weekend Activities)
We are very excited to be partnering with Breakaway Basketball to offer non-contact Team Skill Development Challenge Day. Players will participate in team skill challenges where they will earn points for their team. Teams will compete against other teams in these challenges but, most importantly, these challenges are geared towards them competing against themselves. Each week they are trying to better their score by all the hard work they are putting in during the week.
On the weekend teams will participate in the following non-contact competitions: Stationary Ball handling Progression, Right Hand Layups Finishing School, Left Hand Layups Finishing School, Spot Shooting, 3 point Challenges, 2 in a Row Steal the Bacon Style, etc.
Every weekend every player needs to wear their jersey, bring their own ball, water, and be ready to GET BETTER. We will also need one parent volunteer coach who will be in charge of organizing their team. This will include rebounding, passing, counting, and encouraging their players.

In the event that Basketball is moved to level 2: Team Skill Competitions will be turned into team scrimmages within your assigned pod

Hiring Scorekeepers!

We are looking for interested High School students to run the scoreboards for games during Jodie Harrison Basketball games! Anyone interested can either contact Kelci Bednar or stop by The Community House to fill out an application









Be a SUPERHERO-Sponsor a Team!


We are excited to offer opportunities for corporate sponsorship of teams, divisions and special events for the Jodie Harrison Basketball League. Fees charged for programs and services at The Community House cover roughly 50% of the operating budget. The remainder comes from generous individuals, corporations and foundation grants. This support helps cover things like equipment, uniforms, scholarships for those who couldn’t afford programs or services, education programs for low-income families and more!

Click here for sponsorship details.



Have any other questions? Contact us at 630-323-7500